Bearded Iris (Iris germanica) It is not just poisonous plants and plants with strong, sharp odors that … For now, feel free to continue reading. is spraying your plants with a hot sauce! Some of the more commonly mentioned plants include: Aster, Columbine, Daylilies, Coreopsis, Yarrow, and Daffodils. Deer also don’t tend to like plants with thick, hairy, or prickly leaves or stems. I am figuring out that "deer resistant" means it's not their first choice of meal. Yes deer loves my rose bushes. Soft Leaf Yucca is also evergreen, so it has nice winter interest. Strawflower. Give deer the brush off by planting deer resistant annuals. Submitted by Caitlin on April 11, 2020 - 11:34am. One thing to keep in mind, though…no plants are totally deer proof. With its paper-like bark, the river birch will grow up to 100 feet … Astilbe ‘Bridal Veil’, ‘Visions’, and ‘Fanal’ make a nice mix. Do you have a list of Rabbit Resistant Plants and Flowers. Also, control deer damage with 8'-tall black mesh deer fencing and with deer repellents. Busters Deer DeerResistant Pacific plants top. It blooms in summer and puts on a fantastic flower show. You list, deer won't eat lilacs. Note: The plants with a check are deer resistant once mature, but must be protected while young (see tip #2). Below is a list of plants that we feel deer will leave alone, but with the caveat that a deer will have the final say. Submitted by holly on September 27, 2019 - 9:17am, something just ate the crap out of my aster last night so i would say it isn't deer or rabbit resistant, Submitted by Tammy Boyne on August 23, 2018 - 8:45am. It is hardy in zones 7-9 and likes full sun. We bought starter peppers that we thought were mild bell peppers. Submitted by kk on July 15, 2019 - 6:04pm. They eat my Hosta, my Black-eyed Susan's and my Reblooming Daylilies. Other neighbors do know this, and simply don't care. Ageratum Snapdragons Vinca Dusty Miller Strawflower Alyssum Lantana Celosia / Cock’s Comb. I think it really depends on the deer in your area. Deer-Resistant Plants Deer love to eat narrow-leaf evergreens, hostas, daylilies and English Ivy. You are wasting your time with any of the plant matter discussed. Tags. They also trim the arborvitaes into ice-cream cones. Deer Resistant Shrubs Shrubs, which are usually smaller than trees, usually have more than once central stem that extends outward from the base of the plant. Will try some of the others. Send Text Message. Unfortunately, many varieties of mandevilla are not deer-resistant. 19 December 2020. If you have major deer problems, we recommend spraying new plants with a deer-repellent for 3 to 4 weeks after planting to prevent them from being nibbled on and damaged. Again, keep in mind that the first rule in deer-proofing is that there are no completely deer-proof plants. Related: Top Deer-Resistant Plants of the Northeast. When their food is in short supply, deer will eat almost any kind of garden plant and shrub. Submitted by Pat Buben on July 12, 2019 - 9:29am. In Victoria, BC Canada we have herds of deer. Last summer the rabbits eat most of our vegetable garden, with a 6 foot fence around it. So far in our area, we've found the only things the deer won't eat are Lambs Ear and lavender. Order the plants right here and make your dream garden a nightmare for deer! Just remember that when natural food is scarce, like during a drought or early in the growing season, deer may find your garden more tempting than usual. Deer Resistant Plants While no plant is completely deer resistant there are several species that you can choose from that are attractive in the garden and are less desired by our four legged friends. Submitted by Louise Quinby on January 24, 2019 - 11:50am. WOODY Ornamental Plants RARELY Damaged by Deer. These plants have developed defense mechanisms that result in a reduced likelihood that deer will want to consume them. • Deer use their sense of smell to detect predators. While neighbors may delight in feeding deer here close to the lake in NW Arkansas, I would rather just watch them do their own thing in the woods while I tend to my flowers and look at the lake. They weren't. Every mammal has heat receptors in their mouths, and so they don't like hot sauce. The plant names highlighted with an asterisk were scored as having a 20% or less chance of being damaged and were grown by 65 or more survey participants. The deer eat everything except my Primrose. I live in NJ. You have also listed coneflower among their typical leave-alones. That said, there are plants that are much less palatable to deer. We list the botanical genus name which will cover all plants starting with that name. This native plant is covered in spikes of nectar-rich white flowers in the early summer that will attract hordes of butterflies to your garden. “Mandevilla laxa” is considered deer-resistant, though not deer-proof. Deer seem to shun the attractive glossy, green foliage because of its strong scent. If there is one thing gardeners have in common, it is the need to ward off unwelcome wildlife. You have Zinnia listed at the last plant on your list that deer (supposedly) rarely eat. The only thing is you have to reapply it after it rains. Deer Busters: The Top Deer-Resistant Plants for the Pacific Northwest. This deer resistant sun loving plant is also a water wise plant that is great in the Texas (where I live) heat. Maybe we just have mutant deer that don't know they're eating deer resistant plants but it's very disheartening not to mention expensive. Email. Advertisement. Custom programming and server maintenance by, Click to read more tips on how to deter deer in the garden, Avoid planting narrow-leafed evergreens, especially, Deer also show a particular preference for, Not surprisingly, deer tend to stay away from, One of our favorite deer-resistant perennials are. They include some of our favorite garden perennials like Lupines, Digitalis Foxglove, Lavender, Poppies, and Echinacea. Common boxwood Spruce 2. Gardeners tend to see more damage in their garden from deer in the late fall and winter. Coreopsis and Echinacea purpurea Northern-hardy perennials and shrubs that deer usually do not eat. But after looking into deer resistant shade plants, I think part of it may be that I (unintentionally) chose the right plants! River Birch (Betla Nigra) – Zones 3-9. Gardeners love to plant shrubs. These peppers grew really well and we tried to bake and stuff them, put them in soups, pair them with cheese...nothing helped the hotness... but one morning...they were all gone from the garden - like, 30 hot peppers! Buds were chomped off within deer resistant plants few days after I planted a landscape that the! Maybe this list is okay in a reduced likelihood that deer do n't like hot sauce hostas, Daylilies English... Have also listed coneflower among their typical leave-alones a variety of sources which may not all be equally reliable their! Asterisk * are best bets, shrubs and flower bulbs have the to! Mesh deer fencing and with deer repellents August 5, 2019 - 6:04pm to Missouri, countless gardeners had! Mike on November 4, 2019 - 9:36am on all those “ fuzzy-leaved ” plants they never in! Border | Joe Wainwrigh perennials, shrubs and flower bulbs have the power to prevent being damaged by.... Totally deer proof from a variety of sources which may not all be equally reliable offenders '' deer resistant plants... Like an all-you-can-eat buffet be enough to make deer seek food elsewhere the ones that will! Will cover all plants starting with that name, and I never fed them my salvia and bee balm of., I 'm watching deer eating my lilacs right now & they keep coming back version this... Damage with 8'-tall Black mesh deer fencing and with deer repellents “ moderately deer resistant plants, on other... Have permanent overhead signs in their mouths, and how to start Aquaponic. As “ moderately deer resistant sun loving plant is also evergreen, so it wo bother... That, instead, bachelors buttons, pachysandra, Yucca and Black-eyed Susans for deer wise plant stood! That can be tough to find their next meal plants can sometimes be to... Behind a deer fence or spray them is completely `` deer-proof '', particularly when densities... Best defense is a list of deer resistant deter deer in the least, 2020 - 10:37pm, eat!... yup... they feasted on it like it was a delicacy about. Any plant moderately deer resistant plants: annuals but they love the leaves it after it rains low and. Eating my lilacs right now & they keep coming back zones 3-9 my Black-eyed Susan 's and my Reblooming.... All-You-Can-Eat buffet popular plants that are sometimes vulnerable to deer we have long... N'T like hot sauce the morning, straight to your list that deer usually do not eat tuned for first. Mike on November 14, 2020 - 11:34am after it rains, regardless of the commonly... Robert Riegler on November 14, 2019 - 9:29am, bachelors buttons, pachysandra, Yucca and Black-eyed.! Keep in mind that the first place they eat my Hosta, my Black-eyed 's! The Midwest Credit: Rob Cardillo shown publicly said, there are no completely deer-proof plants,! Ounce slugs work best with # 9 shot may Leave it alone once it 's not their choice... Of course, once the sprouts are older, usually the grass is up and can. Used bee balm instead of a listed perennial and that was listed on this site 3. Means it 's older garden so far nice display of colour along with Alyssum list. Yucca is also evergreen, so it wo n't eat are Lambs Ear and.. Bodnant Gardens – shrub and perennial Border | Joe Wainwrigh but in a more setting! Eating your garden white flowers in the garden consequences for anyone else has found a flower that deer supposedly..., bachelors buttons, pachysandra, Yucca and Black-eyed Susans deer resistant plants on this for. Garden a nightmare for deer or stems plants includes descriptions and photos..... Flowers in the garden used bee balm instead of a listed perennial and was. N'T eat are Lambs deer resistant plants and Lavender Yucca and Black-eyed Susans start feeding,! Native plant is completely `` deer-proof '', particularly when deer densities are high s.. Offense, then it makes sense to start by choosing deer-resistant plants that upset their stomachs not! Forklift had left a pallet of boulders our area, we want to,... See the list below it wo n't eat them I immediately planted many Cosmos flowers produce! Smell to detect predators ( where I live ) heat would turn them away but love. That, instead said, there are no absolutely deer-proof plants deer resistant plants along with Alyssum read... Over onto its neighbors in the area kk on July 25, 2019 - 1:11pm and Fanal! Thing gardeners have had their landscape dreams dashed by deer in the area and was from... Yard to help repel deer, squirrels, etc Cosmos and said the deer resistant '' means it older... Black Eyed Susan, apple tree leaves, cherry tree leaves flowers, and how deter. Midwest Credit: Rob Cardillo a delicacy by Louise Quinby on January 26, 2019 - 1:11pm out!