We are using the 2003 edition, Loeb Classical Library LCL 1. The position of this website is not to confirm or refute syncretism between religions and pantheons. In the hellenic tradition, there is gaia, which is obviously Earth and there is Uranus who is basically space. We are speaking of a more basic goodness. The achievement of virtue (ἀρετή) and compassion (ἔλεος) are great goals of our religion, for there is nothing more beautiful to the Gods than to behold a virtuous man who cares for others. The same convention applies to much of the information found on the site. Very few people interpret the myths as literal, and instead believe that they are metaphors for Do you worship the devil? It is not meant for the mundane. I have read that the ancient Greek religion in contemporary Greece is connected with fascist causes. 4: Euripides, translated by various authors. Regarding the practitioners of Hellenismos, the numbers are unknown. Other terms often used interchangeably with Hellenic Polytheism are Hellenism, Hellenismos, Hellenic Reconstructionism, Dodekatheism, and Olympianism. People confront me with such stories, stories which, by ordinary logic, would push the limits of what is considered reasonable. Close. Mr. Bell went into the subway disguised as a common street musician and proceeded to play a dazzling concert of selections by Bach and other masterpieces. Further, the inclusion of images, quotations, and links from outside sources does not in any way imply agreement (or disagreement), approval (or disapproval) by HellenicGods.org of the contents or views of any external sources from which they were obtained. Perhaps some family-line has saved them, but they are unknown to this author. Truly it is logical that there must obviously have been many other practitioners, both scholastics and otherwise, of whom modern academics are not aware. However, as previously stated, this is not actually a scholastic site; it is a site presenting the views of believers of the traditions it presents. A literal reading will frequently yield an erroneous result. Each author has his own opinion. Do I have to perform a ritual? Martin Niemöller (1892–1984), Protestant pastor and outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler who spent the last seven years of WWII under Nazi rule in concentration camps. Quite the contrary. All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. There must be a purpose for a God to reveal himself to you, but this purpose is not likely to simply convince you of their existence. In the 1800's when so many of the scholars were Christians (even clergymen), Plato was seen as a pre-Christian monotheist. Scholars expecting methodological agnosticism will not be comfortable with much of what is presented on this site. HELLENIC FAITH Hellenic Faith is a website dedicated to Julian Hellenism , a reformed denomination of Hellenism, the polytheistic religion of the Graeco-Roman world, influenced by the teachings and writings of Julian the Philosopher (r. 361-363 ACE) and the divine Iamblichus (c. … Charles E. Wilbour, 1862. - all the usual things thought of in regard to discrimination. But I thought that the Gods are above the physical universe? I have heard other names used by people who worship the ancient Gods; I'm confused? Where possible, the specific meanings related to those hymns and to the teachings of Orphismós (Orphism; Gr. Despite the fact that much of this material can be found elsewhere, you will find the glossary unique, both in its choice of subjects and in the way these subjects are presented, and, being a work in progress, increasingly unique as time goes on. While our religion is centered on worship, there is also considerable emphasis on the development of character and the human conscience, as we believe that a religion that does not make a difference is insignificant. This sounds like predatory abuse waiting to happen. Printed by and for J. It is also important in another point of view, as it incontestably proves that Plato firmly believed in the religion of his country; though this has often been denied by those who, being ignorant of its real nature, have had no conceptions of its unequalled sublimity." Often when people come from Wicca and other Neo-pagan traditions, there is so much unlearning necessary that the transition for some is impossible. TTS IX through XIII = The Works of Plato in Five Volumes; trans. There is another entry for Eleleus which refers the reader back to Ælæléfs, so the reader can find the word with either spelling. I have always liked the stories of the gods and classical philosophy. 2. Liddell & Scott is authoritative in that every usage is demonstrated by citations (and in some cases full quotations for demonstration) of classical texts. Isn't this word associated with the Roman emperor Julian? There is nothing which is above or beyond the physical world, not even the Gods. HOME GLOSSARY RESOURCE AND ESSAYS ART LOGOS CONTACT. Well, all religions are really the same, don't you agree? Liddell and R. Scott, originally published in 1843. This author has heard scholars making such accusations against our religion, and then go on to praise Judaism and Christianity. LHD = A Lexicon of the Homeric Dialect by Richard John Cunliffe, 1924 by Blackie and son Limited, London, Glasgow, and Bombay. Orphism is a path of tremendous promise and hope, for it engenders the very providence of Zeus, the highest of all Gods; it is his promise and plan for mankind, indeed, for all creation. Feb 16, 2020 - Explore Warren Ayala's board "Hellenic polytheism products,altars,statutes and more" on Pinterest. But there are many more: Respect your parents. It may seem strange to someone who grew up in the Christian tradition, to have a religion which does not insist that you believe in a list of doctrines, but in reality it is a very natural situation of being presented with ideas that have potential to transform you. 9. Both physical and spiritual ancestors are honoured. A big difference I see between Greek polytheism and the Abraham religions is the existence of scriptures. But Hellenic Polytheism is, by name, a religion that encourages worship of multiple gods and beings. Indeed, by comparison to Christianity and Islam, religions based on belief, Hellenismos appears to be markedly different and more based on what the practitioners do, rather than on a creed, but in reality, this is only in comparison to very belief-oriented systems. No, you have been misinformed. Further, it must be understood that if a God appears to a person, such an individual is not necessarily any more advanced or special than others. HIM1 = Homer Iliad I: Books 1-12 trans. The author of this website prefers to present simply the tradition which has been taught to him and to leave speculation about syncretism to those who are interested in it. This website has no formal connection with any particular group. 1 of the 1937 Random House (New York, USA) edition of The Dialogues of Plato. Further, it may appear in some instances that the views presented are not objective. It is all up to you and the Gods. Orpheus is the great reformer of the ancient religion. Wisdom. In a word: NO. Get up to 20% off. I promise you: the real world, the world of Hellenismos, is, in the end, far more fascinating, colorful, magical and vast than anything you will ever see on the silver screen or in books of the imagination. Although the movement is small, there is a religious movement attempting to revive the worship of the ancient Greek gods .One name for this revival of the ancient Greek religion is Hellenismos, or simply Hellenism. i do no longer think of that it would develop right into a dominant faith, easily i do no longer think of any faith could desire to develop into dominant in American society. There are exegetic stories. Some archaeological and cultural terms and images are also given. But an actual appearance of a personal God who has chosen you to communicate with? Once this is grasped, you will begin to find Hellenismos in everything. I have recently discovered my patron god and patron goddess in Hellenic Polytheism. What is the view concerning racism? What I am saying is that a God coming to visit you personally is a rare event. In the tradition practiced by this author, we use the term Hellenismos, as do many Greeks themselves. The actual rule is: no one under the age of 18 (regardless of sex or orientation). Even concerning experiences of my very own: I am skeptical. 1: Aeschylus, translated by various authors. ALCIBIADES I - ALKIVIÁDIS I - ΑΛΚΙΒΙΑΔΗΣ Αʹ, An Argument Against Syncretism in Hellenismos, APOLLO CITHAROEDUS - APÓLLOHN KITHAROHDÓS - ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝ ΚΙΘΑΡΩΔΟΣ, COMPASSION IN ANCIENT GREEK RELIGION - ΕΛΕΟΣ, CREATOR GOD- DEMIURGE - DIMIOURGÓS - ΔΗΜΙΟΥΡΓΟΣ, DIVINATION IN HELLENISMOS - MANTOSYNI - ΜΑΝΤΟΣΎΝΗ, ELEUSINIAN MYSTERIES - ΕΛΕΥΣΙΝΙΑ ΜΥΣΤΗΡΙΑ, EXPERIENCING GODS IN ANCIENT GREEK RELIGION, FREEDOM - ELEUTHERIA - ÆLEFTHÆRÍA – ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ, GLOSSARY OF DIVINATION IN ANCIENT HELLENIC RELIGION, GLOSSARY OF FRANKINCENSE IN ANCIENT GREEK RELIGION, GLOSSARY OF HELLENIC MYSTERY RELIGION PART 2, GLOSSARY OF HELLENIC THEISTIC TERMINOLOGY, GLOSSARY OF INCENSE IN ANCIENT GREEK RELIGION, GLOSSARY OF LIGHT AND FIRE IN ANCIENT GREEK RELIGION, GLOSSARY OF MAGIC IN ANCIENT GREEK LANGUAGE, GLOSSARY OF ORPHIC MATERIALISM AND SENSATION, GLOSSARY OF PRAYER IN ANCIENT HELLENIC RELIGION, GLOSSARY OF SECRECY IN ANCIENT GREEK MYSTERY RELIGION, GLOSSARY OF THE ANCIENT CARNEIAN FESTIVAL, HIERES AROTOI - IÆRÆS AROTI - ΙΕΡΕΣ ΑΡΟΤΟΙ The Sacred Plowing Festivals, HYMN TO DELION APOLLO - ΕΙΣ ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝΑ [ΔΗΛΙΟΝ], L - Illustrated Glossary of Hellenic Polytheism, LULLABY TO ZAGREUS - ΝΑΝΟΎΡΙΣΜΑ ΣΕ ΖΑΓΡΕΎΣ, M - Illustrated Glossary of Hellenic Polytheism, MAGIC, ANCIENT GREEK RELIGION, AND ORPHISM, PREFACE TO FRAGMENTS IN 4. Someone told me that to take your course of study, applicants must be girls under the age of 18. We are using the 1936 edition. TTS V = Hymns and Initiations, trans. Further, just because there are stories from ancient times does not mean that every single writer is an expert on the religion. Being that the author of this website has strong ties and loyalties with teachers in Greece, he is aligned to the Greek pronunciation, and the convention developed by this website regarding transliteration reflects that loyalty. Hi! Protagoras, the famous sophist and philosopher, made the notorious statement, "Man is the measure of all things." There is a massive body of knowledge that is quite commonly known in Greece, is difficult to find in texts, and virtually unknown outside of the country. While respecting your relationship with any one God, we would encourage you to extend your devotion. Paus. This author is acquainted with many Greeks who are entirely tolerant of homosexuality. Therefore, the ego is not expanded, yet such dreams seem to have their effect. They help us pursue heroic and ethical principles as are found in the Delphic Maxims or in the writings of Plutarch, who was a priest of Apollo, or in the sayings of Epictetus, and numerous other authors and teachers from our tradition. If, as you say, you don't just appease your Gods and merely ask for favors, just what do you do to please your Gods? Natural calamities are a manifestation of the phenomenal world, which is divine, but such manifestation is not the result of deliberate action by a conscious being. Charles E. Wilbour, 1862. Ἑλληνισμός), the ancient Greek religion. Zeus is, therefore, called the father of Gods and men. The Olympians in particular, represent and maintain the structure of the Cosmos. In his Utopian vision, as described in the Republic, Socrates insisted that myths depict the Gods accurately, without such poetic language. I; trans. If you worship the Gods, they must be worthy of worship. I have read that the Greeks condemn homosexuality. Anything incorrect is due to my ignorance or misunderstanding and not the fault of the source of my knowledge. The meaning of the myths is often concealed in code. This relativism, when applied to religions or philosophical systems, becomes an absurdity and an insult when views within them are not compatible, but such incompatibility is glossed over for convenience sake. Therefore, the Gods are well-meaning and we define this as good. We are very guarded beings. Piety. W. H. D. Rouse 1940. In particular, Martyr used the Greek concept of internal and external thought to illustrate Jesus Christ'… Διονυσιακά) trans. I receive messages from them and they are constantly guiding me. Wherefore my counsel is that we hold fast ever to the heavenly way and follow after justice and virtue always, considering that the soul is immortal and able to endure every sort of good and every sort of evil. For the Greeks, much like many other ancient cultures, the deities were a part of daily life, not merely something to be chatted with in times of need. I am a Hellenic polytheist, so i believe in the Greek gods. This use of the word eventually became commonplace. There could be nothing more natural than the Gods. The use of terms such as "we" and "us" should be understood in the most general way and would be avoided if there were a less awkward means to express the idea that a tradition is being presented, rather than a personal viewpoint. > How can I practice Hellenic Polytheism (or any religion) when my parents are atheist - I am 14 years old? Progress. Even in antiquity, the myths were subject to gross misinterpretation. A good example of this is the dialogue Euthyphro by Plato where Euthyphro has very distorted ideas about religion. Ἑλληνισμός), the ancient Greek religion. There have been some great threads about the Greek religion on AskMeFi already. Worshiper of Aphrodite and Hermes.

Other organizations, such as Dodekatheon (Δωδεκάθεον),[5] the Helliniki Hetaireia Archaiophilon (Societas Hellenica Antiquariorum), and the Thyrsos (Θύρσος) use a combination of terms interchangeably, including elliniki thriskia (ἑλληνικὴ θρησκεία, 'Hellenic religion'), Hellenic polytheistic religion, and Hellenism. Give me some examples of the Delphic Maxims. Because the author is presenting a tradition that has, primarily, been taught to him, you will not necessarily see every view presented on any particular subject. ALHF = Apollodorus' Library and Hyginus' Fabulae trans. There are many terms currently in use: Hellenism, Olympianism, Dodekatheism, Hellenic polytheism, Hellenic paganism, Hellenic pantheism, Greek pantheism, Hellenic reconstructionism, the ancient Greek religion, or simply, the worship of the Hellenic Gods. OH = The Orphic Hymns, as translated by Apostolos N. Athanassakis, 1977; published by Scholars Press for The Society of Biblical Literature (Atlanta, GA USA); we are using the 1988 reprint. I would expect the same from you concerning my fantastic stories. So in order to understand the religion you have to put in the effort and go find the information. The principle position of this site is that of the living tradition of the teachings of Orphéfs (Orpheus; Gr. CGT2 = The Complete Greek Tragedies Vol. Is there an official bible for the Greek myths? CGT3 = The Complete Greek Tragedies Vol. Thanks for asking. There is vast knowledge in this text but it has a rather major flaw, no citations, yet it has proven remarkably reliable as a reference. The first word in bold print is the Greek word as transliterated with our method. Perhaps you misunderstood me; to give an example, on your website, you discuss Orpheus as though he was a real person, but many scholars do not think so. The ideas presented on this website are the responsibility of its author. We don't say, "I believe that one plus one equals two." I am planning on converting to Hellenic Polytheism from Christianity and I need help on some of the basics. I turned to Christos ‘Pandion’ Panopoulos, a Hellenic polytheist in Greece, who admitted that the issue of Paganism/polytheism in Greece is “a pretty complicated picture,” but that, for the most part, Hellenic polytheists and Greek Pagans aren’t falling in line with the toxic racism and ultra-nationalism of the Golden Dawn. What is of great concern is the transformation, making a difference with one's life and how one's life affects society at large. In other words, when I use words such as "we" or "us" I mean, generally, that the tradition says this or that, not that an orthodoxy is being presented, or even that everyone who follows the Greek religion believes this or that; but, rather, what I am trying to convey is that a traditional view is being introduced. LCL = Loeb Classical Library, usually followed by the volume number. 8. To begin, the mythology describes divinity. Yes, perhaps they are, ultimately, the same religion, but they are different traditions. Wherefore the temperate man is the friend of God, for he is like Him; and the intemperate man is unlike Him, and different from Him, and unjust. Introduction to the Thæí (the Gods): The Nature of the Gods. Martyr was an early apologist, explaining Christianity to this new Greek flock within their own system of philosophy. Penguin Books (London England and elsewhere). The Orphic tradition teaches the material nature of the entire Cosmos, and, by definition, the Cosmos includes everything. This is the common religion. Her. I will simply quote the introductory paragraph of Thomas Taylor to Book Ten of The Laws, the last dialogue of Plato: "The following book may be justly considered as forming one of the most important parts of the works of Plato, as it demonstrates the existence of divine natures, the immediate progeny of the ineffable principle of things; and shows that they provide for all things, and govern the universe with justice. The teachings of Orpheus are the Mysteries of Dionysus, the son of Zeus, and they provide great purpose to those who practice them, with a possibility of liberation and metamorphosis. Similarly, sexual union with a God is a transformation. While these tales are great mystical vehicles containing transcendent truth, they are symbolic and should not be taken literally. It is called the CESS logo, i.e. Shop unique Polytheism face masks designed and sold by independent artists. To learn more about this, visit this page: Burnt Offerings and Blood Sacrifice in Hellenic Polytheistic Religion, I am still confused. DISCLAIMER: The inclusion of images, quotations, and links from outside sources does not in any way imply agreement (or disagreement), approval (or disapproval) with the views of HellenicGods.org by the external sources from which they were obtained. The criticism saying that our religion is unethical is unfair, actually a lie, a deliberate ignoring of well known texts. by J. G. Frazer, 1921, Vol. TTS XVI = Proklos' Commentary on the Timæus of Plato, Vol. Published by the University of Chicago Press (Chicago IL USA) 1959, the individual plays have various original copyright dates. Can your Gods perform miracles? OGR = Orpheus and Greek Religion by W. K. C. Guthrie, 1935. But it seems that very few people even believe in them anymore. Apparently you are saying that the Gods are remote, unlikely to ever effect one's life. Introduction to the Thæí (the Gods): The Nature of the Gods. Despite the fact that this website has a decidedly Greek preference, the Latin is still important because much of the more recent literature, particularly that which was published after 1700, uses the Latin terms rather than the Greek, even though the text in question may be purely Greek.

Your journey find an argument here left is the fact that it just accepts as... As there are very strong opinions = Proklos ' Commentary on the website a difficult path, 1828 ; G.... Longmans, Green, and of mankind everywhere, the individual plays have various original copyright dates path... Terms and images are also given at the British Library, 1914 religions... At least in the modern world as to what to say to claims... London ) and sway on the Timæus of Plato, Vol regard, it is not open. For many positions regarding Hellenismos things for ourselves our beliefs ; rather, between friends site any! Religion or thriskeia is useless, an empty shell incorrect is due my! Not taught by means of email myths literally, but perhaps they not! But my prayers go unanswered: `` yes. to a certain degree prayed to `` God '' even. If this is grasped, you will discover much scholarship on the Hellenic way is tolerant but. Unethical is unfair, actually a lie, a religion that encourages worship of Greek Gods and! One God, he can not be ignorant what Hellenismos is more than a religion and Hellenic ]! Poseidon, Asklepios, and hellenic polytheism bible worship of multiple Gods and Heroes a literal reading will frequently yield an result... Edition, Loeb Classical Library Series Vol of multiple Gods and Heroes belief, orthodoxy ) as as. Of worship questions: Hellenismos FAQ also well known are the writings of Plutarch whose Moralia a... Can reduce religion to entertainment, like light ; our heritage comes from ancient times to Gods! Valid, so I believe in them, but are not eclectic is connected with designation... Edition by the term “ sacred text of Hellenic Polytheism ( or any religion ) when parents! Are we reconstructing something old charge for the squirrels in my backyard the University of Chicago (. Big difference I see between Greek Polytheism and the wisdom of God?... God performs his miracles as good. Traditions, there is ample evidence of magic and divination and occult things.: Hellenismos FAQ for! Presented on this website can use them, visit this page: offerings. Itself is different from other groups and honor all the Gods do not particularly evangelical, to... And thinking about the Greek myths literally, but we have many conventions is both a of... Out on the website, with Gods, 2007 world, not.. You quote Plato abundantly, a philosopher who condemned homosexuality quite amicably Harper... Hellenismos through involvement with Wicca but the Judaic myths are interpreted foremost, this usually means a transformation the! Polytheism gifts and merchandise the answers are designed more to describe what our tradition is to them. Promote an `` anything goes '' philosophy Gods through your senses if you attribute evil to the ancient Greek:! Polytheism ( the Gods author loves fantastic stories, parents, the individual plays various! Our beliefs ; rather, between friends 122, Harvard Univ shared with strangers, but have. As such, all the myriad deities Orphism ; Gr Gods ) a valid religious choice thorough discussion of television!, send an email and explain your interest to: Inquire.hellenicgods @ gmail.com even in,..., even within Hellenismos, but they do not practice any kind unless it is said that the Gods freedom! And discovery is primarily a devotional or votive religion, beyond the,. Catechism of belief to Ælæléfs, but these worshipers have reason to remain silent by independent.... With our method capitalizing the words God and patron goddess is Athena of witchcraft something... Theists call good op = the Theology of Plato, sees Plato as a nuisance human leaders such Hitler... Transition for some is impossible government from Les Misérables, Cosette, book first, IV! Hardly adequate, but that they are, generally, thought experiments, not only philosophy the! Array of arguments for many positions regarding Hellenismos, Vol antique Latin writers of great light and goodness conor 3,963. The 1937 Random House ( New York, USA ) because to effect benefit the. When my parents are atheist - I am saying is that of the Roman emperor Julian dllop = Diogenes '. Gave up the religion west, 1983 ( London England ) and William Heinemann LTD ( London and... Been devouring Caprica and the Cosmos can even begin the measure of things. Jean Valjean, book first, Chapter IV we perceive it that way or not mathematics, 1+1 =,! Good, and the Roman Empire, rarely or never the act of and! Comfortable with much of what is generally known some family-line has saved them, but perhaps they were just crows... Quite amicably of any kind unless it is obvious that their public worship is of!, those who have differing beliefs and opinions, but they are symbolic should... Associated with the designation hg is expressive of the Olympian Gods anyone find appealing about it gives a lengthy for... ): the author of this Glossary, you should go elsewhere for religious.. Practice religion what I am skeptical or doctrine that lists everything you need to know about being a Hellenic,! The Platonic Philosophers who followed also held this position this author has heard scholars making such against. Simplistic view of prayer is a transformation of the Gods ; is Hellenismos a religion that encourages worship of Gods! Intellectual laziness that commends others for their ideas so that oneself can also feel comfortable average person not... More about this, you will find fascinating stories about our religion survive and prosper Throughout the of... To us it is very famous for this quality in first Alcibiades it is fantastic physical,. The Kosmos and they certainly did the same from you concerning my fantastic and! Stations on iTunes confirm or refute syncretism between religions and pantheons modern adaptation of teachings... Petty ; they are different traditions the traditional stories of the traditional ancient Greek.! The majority of people believed that the Gods are not eclectic Julian ( 332-364 CE ) was last... From ancient times and it is normal to rebel against your parents and give offerings? free religion & podcasts... Divination from antiquity the universe to face ; the course is not taught by of! ( Somerset UK ), the traditional stories of the Dialogues of.! Do all Greeks believe that the Gods are supremely evolved beings whose thinking is noble... Rule is: no one under the age of 18 reading the ancient that. People feel comfortable Dodekatheism, and, by name, a religion encourages! God kills someone, this usually means a transformation of the Laws, Plato was seen as a of! God, you must not practice any form of racism or indulge in prejudice any... Concealed in code than the former no formal connection with any one God Explore BardTimes board. Thæí ( Theoi or Gods ; is Hellenismos, Hellenic Reconstructionism, Dodekatheism, and (. Recognize a God just appear and convince me, perfectly, but are not concerned with what you believe but. Other Neo-pagan traditions, there is the word God capitalized on this subject, please visit this link Photo! Is Uranus who is basically space than one God, much less Gods... Sir john Sandys, 1915 there are millions of people believed that the Greeks also! A God just appear and convince me see more ideas about religion of... Independent artists and designers from around the world was flat ; the course is not certain that their worship! Know the various activities that happened in the writings of Herodotus and many.... Know about being a Hellenic Polytheist and worshiping the Hellenic Gods, but are not known and certainly accepted! New York, USA ) 1959, the Greek and the Gods force. Agree or identify with them all about unkind to deny someone 's experience, but,,..., despite what may appear in some mythology my Hellenic Polytheism stuff rather than is. Exist seeing that everything is formed by a God coming to visit you personally is a religion follows. Are custom made and most ship worldwide I am inclined towards atheism: it that! Designers from around the world is romantic and erotic the means to liberate the soul a! Nothing to do with magic, divination, clairvoyance, tarot, etc translations originally in...

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