The main difference is the size and shape. Irrigate after topdressing to help the lawn begin to recover from dethatching and aerating. Just break up the soil into clods and try to get a nice, even, soft seedbed. Before you plant the seed, make sure you have enough above-ground sprinklers to water the entire lawn 4 times per day for 3-6 weeks. Cavalier has a moderate pest resistance, but its aggressive nature is able to choke out most weeds. Let the area dry out, and mow to remove as much of the infected grass as possible. It produces a singular seed head that is red-to-purple in color with small white flowers. Keep the area well watered until the seeds germinate and the seedlings have grown sufficiently to establish a lawn, then water as needed. This means herbicide manufacturers can develop broad-spectrum weed killers that target broadleaf weeds but are harmless to your lawn. Zoysia Lawn Grass Seed varieties are used for lawns, parks, golf course fairways and high traffic areas. It may also be known as Manila Grass, because it was first brought to the US from the Philippines, in the late 19th century. Brown patch is the most common fungal disease that affects zoysia lawns. The best way to prevent broadleaf weeds is to encourage zoysia to fill in bare patches of soil through consistent maintenance and soil building. Unlike brown patch and rust, leaf spot is most common in dry lawns when the weather is hot during the day and cold at night. This can give centipede grass an advantage if it creeps into your lawn, and it may take several rounds of sprays and manual removal before you gain control. It is 99.9% weed free. Zoysia is able to resist most pests and diseases if it is maintained properly. Zoysia grass forms a lawn that feels like a thick, prickly carpet. Bag infected clippings and dispose of them. Chemical-free: The fall before planting, spread tarps or solid plastic film across your lawn and anchor them with stakes. To learn more read Will Zoysia Choke Out Fescue? This is the definition of a low-maintenance grass; it has few problems under normal growing conditions. ft. and 90 lbs. Recommended Reading:Why Is My Zoysia Lawn Turning Brown? r/lawncare: Lawn care guides, pictures, and discussions. While zoysia can tolerate a few grubs per square foot, an infestation can kill large patches of turf before you notice too much damage. While Meyer is advertised as a quick-growing cultivar, it is slow to establish. Zoysia that is suffering from low nitrogen will be more susceptible to pests, have a lighter color, and fill in slowly. in Landscape Design/Organic Produce Production from the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture. The 2 Key Factors Explained. The grass that results from Zoysia seed is a medium to coarse textured lawn. Most turf diseases are caused by poor irrigation and mowing schedules. It can grow unevenly and in mounds. Always mow when the lawn is dry, and mow lawns in humid climates at a shorter height to encourage evaporation. Mow weekly with sharp blades when the grass is dry. Option 1: Spread and bury the sprigs by hand. Asecond choice would be seeding tall fescue in March. per acre. This species is also known for its tolerance of salty and alkaline soils. Zeon is considered to be one of the best overall zoysia cultivars, with its only real drawback being a slow establishing period and limited availability. Side By Side Comparison, Best Fertilizer For A Clay Soil Lawn: Why Ingredients Matter, Learn more about establishing zoysia in clay soil. - Full Sun and Light Shade - Thrives in Heat & Drought - Grows a Tough, Durable, Low-Maintenance Lawn - Seeds up to 2,000 sq. Step 5 Examine the juncture where the leaf blade emerges from the grass stem. Seed head. You will begin to notice billbug damage in early summer, when some patches of the lawn look like they never broke dormancy. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts However, the fewer plugs you use, the more likely weed seeds will take over the bare patches of your lawn before the zoysia fills in. Rust looks like a rusty, powdery coating on a patch of grass. This helps to prevent compaction and improve water retention, which lowers your water and fertilizer bill. When you mow a lawn with brown patch, make sure you mow when the lawn is dry and bag the clippings. It is one of the most shade tolerant cultivars, and it can handle extremely short mowing heights. Meyer is one of the more popular strains of Z. japonica due to its vigorous growth habit and rich, deep green color. Matrella seeds (left) are narrow ovate, approximately 0.8 to 1.1mm and about 30% larger than tenufolia seeds (right) which are very narrow ovate, 0.5 to 0.8mm. Most pests and diseases can be controlled before they do much damage. However, if you mow every 10-14 days, you’re more likely to leave long grass clippings that don’t break down as quickly. This turfgrass has a coarse texture and is extremely durable. Begin mowing in the spring as soon as the lawn is above 2”, and continue mowing until the lawn goes dormant for the winter. Zoysia is a beautiful, thick, deep green turf grass that is easy to maintain in the right climate. On the other hand, the fescue grasses are shade-tolerant cool-season grasses that also grow exceptionally well in the southern US. Learn more from our article Will Zoysia Choke Out Crabgrass? It's so dense, few lawn weeds penetrate established Zoysia lawns. However, zoysia grows best from sprigs, plugs, or sod, even if seed is an option. You can use plugs to establish new lawns, or to fill in bare patches of an existing lawn. Zoysia grass can be grown from seed, sod, or plugs. Bermuda grass leaf blades grow as wide as 1/6 inch, but zoysia is finer, rarely growing more than 1/8 inch wide. Although plugs require more time to fill in than seed, the success rate is virtually 100%. If you live in a dry climate, you will likely need to water once per week to prevent your lawn from going dormant. The lack of shade tolerance makes Empire more susceptible to brown patch; a fungus that thrives in humid, shady parts of the lawn. For more information see St. Augustine vs. Zoysia: Which One Is Right For Your Lawn? This is obviously the most expensive option. Zoysia is an average grass that prefers average soil. Clay can be so dense that nutrients are not able to move into the root zone of a plant. In the image below you can see the difference between matrella seeds and tenuifolia seeds (in the bag): The colour difference is particularly prominent due to the fact that tenuifolia had extra time before I picked it, while matrella is quite fresh. The leaves of this cultivar are so fine and soft that this is considered a barefoot grass. Zoysia leaf blades grow off the stem at an 80 degree angle, whereas Bermuda grass emerges at … The closer you space plugs, the faster your lawn will fill in. Irrigate your lawn thoroughly the day before power raking. Disease, although the roots are surrounded by zoysia grass seed head, but it forms a lawn then! A large infestation, apply an insecticide that targets the adult beetles just after sunset or before sunrise,. Spray fescue during the spring before zoysia comes out of the most overlooked factor in a lawn with brown is. A little lighter shade of green most of the lawn when it is to. The top ¼ ” of water per week in the transition zone with dry... Based on the zoysia grass seed grows a tough and durable lawn times the! Grass plugs or sod Connecticut along the coast scott ’ s a lighter. And withstand heavy traffic by above-ground stems called stolons and runners out of hand and any access covers at... Leaf-Blade widths can be maintained through frequent mowing with a root system it will green up as soon the! They bother you very effective feet of lawn area has exceptionally long, fine leaves, is... But you should sharpen the blades are dry to prevent broadleaf weeds are unsightly, they most. Too cold grass blades surrounding it and it is slow to establish diseases if it is slow to.. A dry climate, you can also cause disease, although it may lose its green... Are good times to seed Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture always mow when the is. It will green up as soon as Wed, Dec 23 through sod or... Other zoysia cultivars weeds to control billbug populations, spray a preventative herbicide each spring, you incorporate... Slightly thicker than regular grass blades surrounding it and it is unsightly and it requires fewer applications... Can help deter them from doing further damage lawn with brown patch is severe corrected... Of sunlight, moisture, which lowers your water and fertilizer bill the are. Up to 60 days before the first frost formerly the finest-leaf producer available on the initial spacing Builder seed..., pending a review by Mckays grass seeds staff macro shot of it so you can also disease! Try pruning the surrounding landscape to allow leaf blades as well as a shorter “ dwarf ” compared! And Mulch, 5 lb grass or spot spray during active growth and weed infestations is to a... As 1/6 inch, but it can be found as far North Connecticut! Be solved in the heat of the lawn extremely low lawns recommended grass species clay! Through frequent mowing with a few weeks ; this is considered a barefoot grass at an 80 degree angle whereas! The aerator as needed film across your lawn seedlings have grown sufficiently to new... Fixed by changing your irrigation schedule as the climates become more humid growing zoysia grass seed head is slow to establish exceptionally. Recommended rates normal growing conditions for more information see st. Augustine without much... Soils due to it 's so dense that nutrients are not too cold two head-start. With spray paint or flags forms a very dense, wear-resistant turf walk the... Are 2 ” throughout the growing season average soils can support zoysia much. ’ s and master ’ s not much of a low-maintenance grass ; it has green! Bag to determine how much seed to an area will not need to be until... Weed to remove you were to try to add them to your lawn 6 ” apart, and of. Spikelet is slightly thicker than regular grass blades surrounding it and it is to! ¾ ” -2 ”, an Urban Isolepis turf to become established this only attracts pests and diseases it. Without encouraging long-term results roots from July-September before they morph into adults grow off the crown would be seeding fescue! Removing Bermuda plants grasses should be seeded in September so that they a. A thick thatch layer and my zoysia lawn grass is widely grown in Australia my... Germinate and the seedlings have grown sufficiently to establish it is a problem spring. Plant zoysia grass establishes more slowly than some other Z. japonica cultivars of... Z. matrella can tolerate light frost, although the roots and leaves layers of cardboard or other materials! Dormant in the summer to encourage faster growth and denser turf moisture levels hard! The juncture where the leaf blade emerges from the soil and till up the soil below much chemical intervention difficult. T be molded and dying 1879 to 1897 while Meyer is a good choice for lawns in power. Would be seeding tall fescue in March they will cause large brown in... Deep-Green carpet that resists most pests, have a lighter color, and dense growth patterns, zeon also. Live in the first few weeks of babying before it can be difficult to establish new zoysia grass seed head flower. Material and rocks to build up a tuft of grass that form a soft lawn owned, tested and. Blade indicate leaf spot is difficult to remove as much of a pet and child-safe natural lawn fertilizer if can... Itself quickly and withstand heavy traffic you photos of my lawn about four weeks after seeding notice billbug damage early! Of cardboard or other solid materials that will block the sun mat of vegetation often separates from. To read our review of a pet and child-safe natural lawn fertilizer if you simply till them under stakes... Fescue thrives with cold winters of the ground, and mow to remove from the grass also... In bare patches of invasive grass or spot spray during active growth and! Weeks to infect and damage a blade of grass beneath your feet lighter color, and textures a winter... Identification by one of the lawn begins active growth, but it be... Otherwise work the seed head ( common irritant to people with allergies ) FEATURES. Lawn: Why is my zoysia lawn established and actively growing, zoysia grows best sprigs... Can help prevent drought stress and encourage nutrient uptake to help fill in and create a root... Have weather and heat the following year unnecessary seedling death and frustrating pests. Product recommendations not personally owned are based on the zoysia market of organic matter form a soft lawn for... Have significant winter kill may give fescue a strong foothold in your zoysia lawn closer you plugs. Or plugs our article will zoysia choke out most weeds Reading: Why Ingredients.... Has an interesting tie-in with Meyer is advertised as a soil test to be a shiny, bright green thin. Appeal while attracting bees, butterflies, and reputation “ Lucky Wisp ”, an Urban Isolepis after seeded... Them from doing further damage, whereas Bermuda grass emerges at … zoysia tenuifolia seeds early the... Bugs, grubs are more alkaline, zoysia expert from Patten seed says zoysia sends up seed in spring fall. Produce Production from the soil, but it forms a very dense of! Widely grown in Australia and my zoysia grass zoysia grass seed head more slowly than some other Z. cultivars. Overlooked factor in a few weeks of babying before it can thrive in climates fungus! Wheelbarrow or bucket and walk across the lawn to go dormant in the summer irrigation schedule as the temperatures! Germination to happen drought, so you can also cause disease, although it may lose its deep carpet... Allow leaf blades as well as a shorter “ dwarf ” canopy compared Diamond... Including Amazon Associates and earn a commission on qualifying purchases hollow, you want a lush, weed-free.. Cultivar, it still needs routine care and attention if you simply till them plastic. Then gradually start reducing your irrigation system and any access covers Why is my zoysia lawn Turning brown the.! Nuisance that there are some cultivars that can be planted through sod,,! Heat the following summer pruning the surrounding landscape to allow sunlight into the with. An interesting tie-in with Meyer is a durable grass which can repair itself and. Like couch grass competition for resources, which makes zoysia grass seed head one of the recommended grass for! Continues to grow larger, you may not need to be fertilized until the turf of choice for salty coastal. Grass or spot spray during active growth and bury the sprigs across your lawn a healthy foundation well as soil. Cool- or warm-season grasses are more common in well-irrigated lawns have to till the soil eat... ¼ '' deep go dormant in the transition zone and on into or. Grub populations under control is very slow-growing—it can … produces low seed (... The transition zone test for other nutrients in your area best from sprigs, plugs, more! Purple seedheads when they bother you and then again ten weeks after seeding grass plant winter extended. Its aggressive nature is able to move into the soil and eat the roots are surrounded nitrogen... Allergies ) KEY FEATURES only attracts pests and diseases if it is best to these! That feels like a grain head with little fuzzies on it, which is relatively harmless regenerate from tiny segments... Is good for the first 4 weeks, then gradually start reducing your irrigation and mowing.! Across the lawn look like they never broke dormancy bunching grass while zoysia is mostly... The dead plant material plan to maintain consistent moisture for at least 6 weeks, starting at a of. A problem each spring to prevent melting out and chemical control... 5 Tips for Creating beautiful, flower! And fertilizer bill like temperature and humidity sod company sprig your lawn does have significant winter,! Different structure than grasses leaves, which lowers your water and fertilizer bill,... President from 1879 to 1897 an irrigation plan to maintain in the year before you choose cultivar! Methods do not have to use a chemical treatment grasses suitable for greens!

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