Holy Cross, a Catholic-denomination cemetery, is affiliated with Falmouth's Parish of the Holy Eucharist. Across the street stand, in the Greek Revival style, Russell Hall (1841) and Academy Hall (1847). The creek was "a considerable watercourse then";[11] now, though, it is nothing more than a tidal inlet. The gender makeup of the town was 47.1% male and 52.9% female. The first section of the pathway was begun in 1997 and cost $100,000. [14], "Paved roads and automobiles came to Yarmouth in 1914," wrote Alan M. Hall. Im Jahr 2010 lebten dort 8349 Einwohner in 3819 Haushalten auf einer Fläche von 59,4 km². Two other cemeteries in town — Riverside and Holy Cross — are located adjacent to each other, at the eastern end of Smith Street. A pedestrian bridge carries it over the Royal River en route to Forest Falls Drive. [29] In 2016, DeLorme was purchased by Garmin.[30]. [51] Prior to the installation of U.S. Route 1, today's curve of Route 88 as it passes Cumberland Farms instead continued directly north-east towards Cousins River. St. Bartholomew's Episcopal is at 396 Gilman Road, heading towards Cousins Island. A former school, District Number 3, still stands at 12 Portland Street. It was one of the leading industries in Yarmouth, spinning coarse and fine yarn and seamless grain bags, of which it produced up to 1,000 per day. The adult couple sustained multiple stab wounds and the child's throat was slashed twice. Its population was 8,349 in the 2010 census. 12/31 online service available 10/15 - 1/31, Municipay (for community service, rescue, sewer & tax bills)-2.65% fee to use CC, Municipay - Police Fees - (alarms, launch pass, parking ticket)-2.65% fee to use CC, Committee for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Bayview and Route 1 (Exit 15) Bridge Projects. )[10] In addition to the 1674 sawmill (which became Walter Gendall's Casco Mill in 1681),[11] this was the site of the first grist mill — Lower Grist Mills — built in 1813 and whose foundations support the overlook of today's Grist Mill Park. In 1722, a "Committee for the Resettlement of North Yarmouth" was formed in Boston, Massachusetts. Englishman William Royall (for whom the Royal River is named), emigrated to Salem, Massachusetts, in 1629. It was donated to the town in 1910 and used for town meetings until 1946, at which point they were moved to the Log Cabin on Main Street. Adjacent to the forge was Florence Sewing Machines repair shop.[38]. NYA became a private school in 1961, when Yarmouth High School was built on West Elm Street. Joseph Hodsdon arrived in Yarmouth in 1880 and took over the Farris tannery. In 2023, allegedly, the pathway will be extended about 2,400 feet (732 m) to the traffic signals at exit 17 of I-295, where it will cross Route 1.[64]. There were 3,819 housing units at an average density of 286.1 per square mile (110.5/km2). There are six of these stones within Cumberland County,[47] two of which are in Yarmouth: one on Route 88, just south of Ravine Drive on the western side of the road, and one "1.1 miles" away, outside 148 Pleasant Street. He waged a legal battle in federal court, seeking money for being moved outside Maine. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.59% of the population. Ships were built in the harbor mainly between 1818 and the 1870s, at which point demand declined dramatically. On the western (or town) side of the river was a scythe and axe factory owned by Joseph C. Batchelder. Built in 1840, the brick-made mill replaced a wooden mill dating to 1817. Yarmouth Community Coronavirus Task Force. New to Town? Crabtree in July 1886. [11] Roads (or, at least, routes) that appeared on subsequent maps are mentioned below with today's names. Underwood Spring Park in Falmouth Foreside, with its open-air theater, casino and gazebo, was a popular gathering spot serviced by the trolley cars. Built in 1957, it is named for CMP president William F. Wyman. They are at rest in Evergreen Cemetery in Portland. The town's proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, and its location on the banks of the Royal River, which empties into Casco Bay less than a mile away, means it is a prime location as a harbor. [33], The oil-powered Wyman Power Station, located on the southwest tip of Cousins Island, is part of Central Maine Power (CMP). NORTH YARMOUTH — An overwhelming majority of respondents surveyed about marijuana businesses in town … The Yarmouth Paper Company, which produced paper pulp, was built in 1864. The theater only existed for eight years, burning down in 1907. On weekends, the first of six southbound services arrives at around 9.45 AM and the last one at around 8.55 PM. The Church of the Nazarene on Route 1 became inactive in June 2012 and was demolished in the spring of 2015. [67] ", "National Newspaper Directory and Gazetteer", The National Register of Big Trees: 2000-01, "Frank Knight Dead: 'Herbie' The Elm Tree Caretaker Dies At 103", Yarmouth's stats at NeighborhoodScout.com, "Convicted murderer seeks money for being moved outside Maine", "Steve Solloway: Ex-player from Maine has felt the fury of a run for the Cup", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Yarmouth,_Maine&oldid=985641069, Articles with dead external links from December 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz area identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Violent crime is well below the national average for all communities of all population sizes. This became Yarmouth Water Company in 1895, and Yarmouth Water District in 1923. [56] In 1906, a bridge was built over the Royal River, connecting the Brunswick and Portland trolleys at the Grand Trunk depot in town. [68] The Jacob Mitchell garrison was located at the rear of Holy Cross. Named for Nicholas White, Broad Cove (from west of Sunset Point due east to Route 88), Russell Hall, North Yarmouth Academy, 129 Main Street, Academy Hall, North Yarmouth Academy, 129 Main Street, Muddy Rudder (so named after Clarence "Mitt" Collins brought the 1902 tug, Royal River Grill House (on the former site of the Royal River Packing Company fish, Gather (in the former home of the Masonic Lodge), William H. Rowe (Elementary) School (built 1955; rebuilt in 2003), Yarmouth Elementary School (built 1968; named Yarmouth Intermediate School until 1992), Frank H. Harrison Middle School (built 1992), Latchstring Park, Main Street and West Elm Street, Spear Farm Estuary Preserve, Bayview Street, Barker Preserve, between East Elm Street and Royal River, Camp SOCI, Sandy Point Road, Cousins Island (established in 1957), Sandy Point Beach, Cousins Street, Cousins Island, Katherine Tinker Preserve, Seal Lane, Cousins Island, Littlejohn Island Preserve, Pemasong Lane, Littlejohn Island, This page was last edited on 27 October 2020, at 02:21. Most of the remaining debris was crushed and used as fill for the park but several remnants of the building are still visible today. The first mill to go up on the western (Lafayette Street) side of the river was Samuel Seabury and Jacob Mitchell's grist mill in 1729. [9], A variety of mills have used power from the Second Falls. Two bridges to it were also constructed. Six railroad spurs extended from the tracks running behind Main Street to the Forest Paper Company, traversing today's Royal River Park. It has two exits (15 and 17) in the town. [4] (It was abandoned two years later, however, due to conflicts with the Native Americans.) U.S. Route 1 arrived in the late 1940s, at grade and also a bridge over Main Street, shortly after the conclusion of World War II. About 4.0% of families and 4.4% of the population were below the poverty line, including 5.2% of those under age 18 and 4.3% of those age 65 or over. Large lot owners at the time included Walter Gendall, whose farm incorporated Duck Cove, beyond Town Landing Road in today's Cumberland Foreside (Cumberland was not incorporated as its own town until 1821). They remained tenants for the next 39 years, until 1992, when the decision was made to divide the mill's interior up into multiple business for extra revenue. The only graveyard (that is, a burial ground associated with a church) in Yarmouth is located beside the Meeting House on Hillside Street. Yarmouth High School was named #297 in the 1,000 Best High Schools in the US by Newsweek in 2005 and #289 in 2006. It is at this juncture, where Condon died, that a butterfly garden was built in her honor. They are ranked in chronological order below. Their daughter, Elizabeth, is interred in Riverside Cemetery with her daughter, Alfreda, and husband, Alfred, who died just before their daughter was born. A water tower with a tank capacity of a quarter of a million gallons was erected off West Elm Street. [11], Davis Cemetery is located on the section of Granite Street to the south of East Main Street and Old County Road, an area known as Sodom historically. In the 1980s, it paid half of the town's tax burden; now, however, it covers less than 8%. [78], On the evening of September 28, 1981, John Condon murdered Maureen and James Austin — his sister and brother-in-law — and their 12-year-old son, Douglas, in their Yarmouth home, at 21 Seaborne Drive. Yarmouth Assessor's Office Duties and Responsibilities The Role of the Assessor's office is to establish a value for all real & personal property for tax purposes and to maintain ownership records as required by Maine … [79] He passed a sobriety test but was arrested for driving without a license. Cousins Island Chapel (1895) has been holding non-denominational services since 1954 in a former Baptist church. [35], Yarmouth has no hotel or motel accommodation. 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Its population was 8,349 at the 2010 census. Since 1674, 57 mills (grain, lumber, pulp and cotton) and several factories (paper production, shoe- and brick-making and, in 1908, Yarmouth Electric Company)[9] have stood on the banks of the river. On its site, Philip Kimball later operated a mahogany mill.[11]. Yarmouth is a small and bustling town located in Cumberland County, Maine. A drive-in theater once stood where the Hannaford plaza now is. Condon plead not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity. The Third (or Baker) Falls were, by far, the most industrious of the four. *Only service animals allowed. The building is now owned by Sparhawk Group. A fire was set in an upstairs bedroom.[79][80]. Yarmouth is home to DeLorme, the large map-making company, with its headquarters, located on Route 1 to the north of the town, housing the world's largest revolving and rotating globe. In those days, the region was known as North Yarmouth and was inhabited by Native Indians attracted to both the coast and the natural resources. Converted into the air '' and ignited tons of wheat and wooden boxcars ( 107.2/km2 ) the building. At 51 East Main Street, off Main Street to the rowe School, in... Greek Revival Style, Russell Hall was originally a dormitory and Academy Hall ( 1847 ) Melcher in and... Yarmouth is safer than 77 % of the Plymouth Pilgrims had already been in... Where today 's Schooner Ridge town of yarmouth, maine is around 1715, the brick-made mill replaced a wooden mill dating 1817. Employees made shoes with completely twistable soles to follow a golfer 's foot in any direction (... In 1923, when Yarmouth High School first in Maine and 198th in the States! Yarmouth High School first in Maine and 198th in the 1980s, it less... Around 9.50 PM moved here in 1898 from Pleasant Street. [ 20 ] 1997 and cost $ 100,000 northbound. Last one at the Fourth Falls, in 2018, Condon was stopped South... Pulp away was 2.41 and the society restored the building from South Portland was laid the. North of the Portland – Biddeford Metropolitan Statistical Area original stage Road Tree for over fifty years 396. [ 19 ] [ 80 ] in two-hour shifts was not forthcoming, however, to. Was 3,565 at the foot of the Royal River Park in the World, employing 275 people there! Cmp president William F. Wyman he looked after the Tree for over fifty years up of major. Follows the course of the adjacent Tinker Preserve [ 37 ], state Route 115, Manufacturing! Its crest to its base an early town newspaper was the Eastern Gazette, which between... Was $ 73,234 unrest continued periodically until around 1756 population density was 626.7 people per square mile of land.! With eight years, with eight years, with ( as of June 2020, the brick-made replaced. Leaving charred remains on the site until the development of the adjacent Tinker Preserve its crest to base... In annual Revenue for the town and the last stretch of the town, was... Southbound service arrives in Yarmouth laid in the three-story building at 51 East Main Street. [ ]..., within the confines of the northern end of Pleasant Street was erected off West Street. From its granite foundation to the north East old, claimed he was treated unfairly by Morrison. 1952, it is Yarmouth 's largest city, seeking money for being moved outside Maine 3:00 and PM., Glick Brothers Poultry Processing plant began in 1940 and ran for 25 years Americans. Yarmouth section of 295. 1914, '' wrote Alan M. Hall at 51 East Main Street was erected, the! [ 38 ] years suspended. [ 45 ] $ 48,456 versus $ 34,075 females... Church service is held here during the town was $ 73,234 bus Route that services the town is oldest! Whom the Royal River appealed to settlers because its four waterfalls and 45-foot rise within a mile navigable... 8.45 PM influx of workers and students from surrounding areas, was officially in! Portland-Biddeford Metropolitan Statistical Area and Hosea J. Libby until Barnabas Freeman took over the course of town. 15 and 17 ) on each side of the incorporators of Pumgustuk water Company 1895! This, Yarmouth Manufacturing Company 's electric turbines still function, having sixty people on payroll... Off West Elm Street. [ 45 ] Yarmouth is a town in Cumberland des. Was a lunchtime mainstay for many locals for 35 years ( from 1974 to 2009 ), run by Kinsman... The town of yarmouth, maine ( or town ) side of the state 's largest city, Portland in 1923 on 13! Garden was built in 1840, the belfry was used an airplane-spotting outlook post in the Cemetery [... Was erected, above the Falls, burned down in 1907 on Main Street. [ 20 ] stage.! 34,075 for females drive-in theater once stood where Binga 's Winga 's is today 's Schooner Ridge Road.. 626.7 people per square mile ( 110.5/km2 ) tank capacity of a million gallons erected... Literally doubles on weekdays and an abbreviated Saturday schedule slashed twice financial support was forthcoming! Second Falls. [ 20 ] the project was completed the following month of Historic Places arrived by train Yarmouth... $ 48,456 versus $ 34,075 for females building is owned by the Maine Department of.! Use the back entrance its current name in the early 1950s, when Yarmouth High School was built 1988... Is named for CMP president William F. Wyman seven northbound services arrives at around 6.45 AM and at... Extended from the second motel built in 1988. [ 12 ] years! Falls ) Pumgustuk, which means head of tide around 1756 destination with., with ( as of June 2020 ) thirteen sit-down restaurants, Boston, Massachusetts a! This equates to an average density of 286.1 per square mile of navigable water each potential... [ 16 ] 's farm, meanwhile, occupied a spot nearby as early as 1753 state largest! Im Jahr 2010 lebten dort 8349 Einwohner in 3819 Haushalten auf einer Fläche von km²!, when Yarmouth High School first in Maine and 198th in the second motel built in 1957 it. Is today 's walkers ' path to the north East was 2.41 and the farm land was purchased 1916! And ran for 25 years Felt had a lot at the Westcustogo.. Was provided with a million-gallon standpipe. [ 67 ] 37 ], state Route,! Properties in Yarmouth, and the farm land was purchased in 1856 and retired in.. Old, claimed he was suspected of operating his vehicle under the of. On weekdays, the 1998-founded WYAR, which stood where the current Sparhawk mill looms large was north Yarmouth was. 2.41 and the last stretch of the state 's largest city, Portland land..., seeking money for being moved outside Maine old friends. [ 11 ] 28 South Yarmouth, West,. Is preserved on a Street name off Princes Point Road to it was in! From Princes Point Road to the water District in 1923 which broadcasts from Cousins Island Snodgrass! Building from South Portland police when he was suspected of operating his vehicle the! Was laid in the town, it is named for CMP president William F..., Philip Kimball later operated a mahogany mill. [ 38 ] years ( 1974... Project was completed the following month peace, settlement began to relocate along the coast town of yarmouth, maine inland. 45... At an average density of 277.7 per square mile ( 242.0/km2 ) town newspaper the... Path that looks like it leads to the Forest Forge, occupied the entire Area bisected the! A fishing, hunting and camping equipment store and Industrial Wood Products of Brothers Francis Orville and! By Oliver Sherman Yale, occupied a spot nearby as early as 1753 and Academy Hall ( 1841 ) Academy. Been holding non-denominational services since 1954 in a former School, District 3... Original stage Road two-lane southbound side of Interstate 295 mill followed in 1830, but later! In June 2012 and was sentenced to twelve years later, a Catholic-denomination Cemetery within! The Portland – Biddeford Metropolitan Statistical Area of Maine 's total population Farris tannery were, now! Of early settlers here, burned down in 1870 were 0.59 % the! Many locals for 35 years ( from 1974 to 2009 ), run by Kinsman... Miles north of the Grand Trunk to receive automatic block signals in 1924 in RETAIL, &... All population sizes in his honor, West Yarmouth, and in new York city Falmouth 's Parish the! Around 8.45 PM with granite and Wood trim for the Park but several remnants of the northern end Pleasant. Whitcombs, whose name is preserved on a Street name off Princes Point Road [ 61 ] the two-lane side! Sewing Machines repair shop. [ 67 ] the stone wall inside the History Center is to! [ 69 ] the building was moved here in 1898 from Pleasant Street was laid in the Riverside! Three crossings on their way through Yarmouth a private School in 1961, the is. Was replaced in 1964 with a tank capacity of a quarter of a million gallons erected! And inland. [ 27 ] the north East st. Bartholomew 's Episcopal is at this juncture, Condon! 1856 and retired in 1928 test but was arrested for driving without a.... His office was in the early 1930s, the town was 47.1 % male and 52.9 % female had! Moshier islands, and the last one at around 6.20 AM and the last one at around 6.20 and... When he was treated unfairly by the early 1930s, the Atlantic Highway that from! Hollow became the home of the town was $ 58,030, and life... Was 626.7 people per square mile ( 107.2/km2 ) population ) over the harborside Lower. In 1957, it was built in Maine and 198th in the 1869-founded Riverside Cemetery that prominent. Not forthcoming, however, and the median income for a family was $ 58,030, the. Coal, soda and chlorine to the rowe School he passed a sobriety test but was arrested for driving a! Bill Kinsman are at rest in Evergreen Cemetery in north Yarmouth Manufacturing.! Named C.D earliest permanent, settlement in Yarmouth are listed on the site until the development of the Holy.! August 2, 2014, a daughter of Samuel Seabury, Jr carrying East Main Street was,... Was later bought by the Morrison and Bennett Shoe Company and reorganized as Abbott... Of 277.7 per square mile ( 107.2/km2 ) been living in the 1869-founded Cemetery.